auris sElection defensive CLASS r (lu1599120273)

Auris Selection Defensive is a credit fund that uses all European bond asset classes. In order to improve the fund's performance, it also offers the possibility of investing in equities for a share of less than 10% of the assets.
Its + : Its approach to credit analysis is based on a transversal view of issuers.
Objective: Its objective is to outperform the following composite benchmark: capitalized EONIA + 200 bp, over the recommended investment period of more than 3 years, while maintaining a level of risk, measured by the volatility over 3 years, close to the indicator’s.
Risk level: The fund is exposed to the following risks: risk of capital loss, risk related to discretionary management, interest rate risk, credit risk, risk related to convertible bonds, equity market risk, risk related to investment in small-cap stocks. Expired gains to customers outside the Eurozone may also be increased or reduced as a result of exchange rate fluctuations.
Commercialization: The fund has a trading authorization in France, Luxembourg and Switzerland.


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