Mandated management in open architecture on a full range of investment vehicles selected with rigor and discipline, serving diversification and a performance built on the following statement :

• Preservation - Periodic Assesment - Transmission

Auris Wealth Management managers intervene on behalf of their clients with a view of preservation, regular assessment and / or inheritance planning solutions . In addition to asset management, Auris Wealth Management’s partners can help you to benefit from the diversity of their personal experience and will help you to get in touch with the relevant tax and property experts.

• Taylored

Auris Wealth Management use taylored management, backed by rigorous risk control. The definition of any management objective is preceded by a complete and careful knowledge of the personal and patrimonial situation of each client, its investment objectives and the level of risk that he is willing to accept. Auris Wealth Management managers are responsible of the financial management of the assets entrusted and a personalized relationship with their customers.

• Anticipation and balance

Based on an iterative and collegial process of analysis and selection of financial instruments (securities of funds). Auris Wealth Management managers have the necessary experience to research an optimum balance between the anticipation of each customers' needs and the evolution of financial markets.

• 6 major management directions

The approach of our business is based in a relationship of trust, thanks to natural affinities between the manager and his client. In fact, we have defined six major management profile:


No more than 35% equity exposure over a 2-year investment horizon
a minimum of 30% and a maximum of 65% equity exposure over a 3 to 5 years horizon
au minimum of 45% and a maximum of 85% of equity exposure over 5 years
a minimum of 50% and a maximum of 100% equity exposure, over a 5 years horizon
100% interest rate products, to a 5 years horizon
From 0% to 100% equity exposure over a 5 years horizon

In addition to this approach, we cultivate the uniqueness of each client by considering personal criteria:


• Approach favoring the selection of mutual funds or securities

• Integration or not of alternative management strategies, real estate or private equity funds

• Inclusion / exclusion of certain securities or sectors

• Restrictions on certain securities during certain periods


Customized recommendations for clients wishing to maintain their investment autonomy




• Advices on Financial investment

• Life insurance

• Real Estate

• Funding