With a free and entrepreneurial spirit, our teams offer a human management and respectful of a management discipline. Our expertise in different asset classes allows us to propose adapted strategies in the face of multiple and economic environments.



• A conviction management

Our management favours a maximum flexibility in the investment decisions and a strict discipline in investing. Without sectoral and geographical issues, we develop portfolios fitting your convictions.

→ Expert managers, who learn from the group's reflection

→ An active and a human management  rather and a index management or management based on the mathematical models

→ A long-term vision for a sustainable performance


• A tightened range

Since the launching of the collective management activity, we strictly forward the same model: manage a few numbers of funds with fairness and conviction in the respect of a disciplined philosophy.

Each funds creation combinate an internal expertise and the identification of a new investment opportunities for our clients. The respect of this principle ensure our management success. Far away from the fashon flows, we focus on the long terms in accordance with our convictions.


A perpetual and mutual enrichment

Our management team is rich of multiples expertise:

macroeconomic, markets shares, bonds, currencies. The daily exchange of ideas and know-how is fundamental. Each manager benefits from a collective perspective, enhancing his experience and his individual convictions.

Foregroung service providers and counterparts

Service providers and counterparties: CACEIS Bank Luxembourg, CM CIC Market Solutions et CM CIC AM

Auditor : Deloitte

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